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Reach out to Asia (ROTA), member of Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and...
As part of Reach Out To Asia’s (ROTA) Ramadan 2015 Project, exclusively...

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#Repost @mawaterqtr ・・・ على هامش القمة الانسانية العالمية (المشاورات الشبابية) والتى عقدت على مدار يومي الاثنين والثلاثاء الموافق ١&٢٠١٥/٠٩/٠٢التقى السيد عبدالله الهاجري المنسق العام لمركز مواتر بالسي...
Sep 3 at 14:11
[video] Thank you Hessa for the amazing feedback, we're extremely proud of our Youth #Qatar #Repost @hessa.s.a ・・・ Today was the second and Final day of World Humanitarian Summit- Global youth Consul...
Sep 3 at 11:38

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Our thoughts and prayers are with our friends in Nepal and...


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