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ROTA Youth Leaders are the Architects of Change
Posted November 18, 2012 by Sheikha Mayassa bint Hamad Al Thani

I would like to begin by congratulating all of you who took part in the recent ROTA Youth Service Club Leadership Training event. Your participation is a testament of your desire to bring about change within our ever-expanding local and global communities.

I am incredibly proud of the success achieved by our Youth Service Clubs. Witnessing our younger generations tackling community projects and dilemmas allows me to whole heartedly believe that these are tomorrow’s “Architects of Change”. Each and every one of you is also becoming sponsors of your own personal development and growth.

Leadership Training allows ROTA Youth Service Club members to hone a number of vital skills, including, leadership, teamwork, project management, and advocacy to name a few. The sharpening of these skills is what enables you, our future leaders, to become better problem solvers.

We hear much about Qatar's ambitions, and how our country has an even brighter future waiting to be tapped; however, behind every great country are great people. With the help of ROTA National Programs, the youth of Qatar is empowered to play its part in making Qatar an even greater country.

Upon completing the leadership training, the subsequent step is to decide how each of you will utilize your newly acquired skills in positively impacting your respective communities. I have the utmost faith that it’s only a matter of time before we celebrate remarkable milestones accomplished by all of you.

Leaders learn to make decisions; they are a fundamental source of encouragement. We rely on our leaders to communicate with us in order to benefit from the riches of progress and transparency. I believe ROTA Youth Service Club leaders will be the very beacon of growth, and truly become the “Architects of Change”.

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