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Registration Opens For Reach Out To Asia's Leadership Training Programme
17 August 2016

  • Intensive Training Course to Help Youth Hone Skills and Become Effective Leaders

Doha, Qatar, 16 August 2016: Reach Out To Asia (ROTA), in partnership with ExxonMobil, has opened registration for its annual Leadership Training Programme, Youth Challenge, which aims to develop the leadership, communication and community service skills of young people in Qatar.

Extensive training provided during the ROTA Leadership Training Programme will better prepare candidates, aged between 16 – 26, to play an active role in the development of their communities and engage in local and international humanitarian action.

The first phase of ROTA’s three-phase Youth Challenge project will take place from 26 - 29 October in Doha and will focus on leadership and the fundamentals of team work with a specific focus on social project management.

Abdulla Al-Bakri, Community Development Manager, ROTA, said: “Since it began in 2013, the programme has assisted youth to hone their leadership skills and lay the foundation for a successful future. As the future leaders of tomorrow, our youth will go on to represent Qatar at a regional and international level one day, it is imperative they have the necessary know-how to become effective leaders.”

“The programme ensures youth are equipped to tackle challenges in a professional environment and work as a collective to tackle pressing global challenges. By exposing participants to real-life scenarios they are able to gain practical learning experiences and put what they have learnt into practice if and when they are confronted with a similar situation in the future,” Mr Al-Bakri added.

At the start of the training programme participants will be provided with a detailed description of the project, including work mechanism, types of projects required from groups, and implementation requirements.

One participant, who has already submitted her application, believes the Youth Challenge will be extremely beneficial to her future. “ROTA’s Leadership Training Programme is an incredible opportunity for youth in Qatar,” she explained. “It’s unique in the sense that it focuses on the practical development of our skills while teaching us how to become effective team players. I believe I will come away from the programme having learnt a great deal and far better prepared to make a positive impact in the world around me and successfully pursue my goals.”

Alistair Routledge, President and General Manager for ExxonMobil Qatar, said: “Our partnership with ROTA enables us to fulfil our shared objective of empowering youth in Qatar, as the annual Leadership Training Programme demonstrates. It’s an honour to join forces with ROTA and to be able to offer our strategic input to help Qatar’s youth become the successful and highly skilled leaders of tomorrow. ExxonMobil Qatar is committed to harnessing the potential of Qatar’s youth, as we believe it is key to cultivating Qatar’s thriving society.”


Registration for the ROTA Leadership Training Programme, part of Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development (QF),closes mid-October. Interested participants are encouraged visit the webpage: ROTA Youth Challenge Registration.

Following an initial screening process, shortlisted candidates will be required to attend a brief interview. Successfully selected candidates will be announced from 5 September until mid-October.

The third and final phase of the ROTA Leadership Training Programme will end in March 2017 at EMPOWER, ROTA’s annual youth-led conference, where participants will be required to deliver a final project presentation.

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