About ROTA

Reach Out To Asia

Education Above All (EAA) Foundation's programme, Reach Out to Asia (ROTA), launched in December 2005 in Doha - Qatar, by Her Excellency Sheikha Al Mayassa bint Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani. ROTA programme is committed to providing high quality and relevant primary and secondary education, encouraging relationships among communities, creating safe learning environments and restoring education in crisis affected areas across Asia and around the world. 
ROTA programme envisions a world, where all young people have access to the education they need in order for them to realise their full potential and shape the development of their communities.
Together with partners, volunteers, and local communities, we work to ensure that people affected by crisis across Asia, and around the world, have continuous access to high-quality primary and secondary education.

On a local level, ROTA engages and inspires young people and other community members to play an active role in addressing educational and development challenges both at home and abroad.
  • Provided quality primary education to 395,535 children in targeted countries
  • Helped 9,580 youth acquire knowledge and skills for better employment
  • Helped 15,488 local youth acquire leadership skills
  • Engaged 5,000 Volunteers in one or more of ROTA activities
  • Provided training to 14,845 teachers
  • 750,000 workers with improved social well being
  • Schools constructed/rehabilitated are 336
  • TOTAL Direct beneficiaries 1,539,595
  • Indirect beneficiaries 3,120,967