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Participants at the Circuit

ROTA Wheels 'n' Heels 2012 Reflection Event

18th March 2012

Wheels ‘n’ Heels 2012 took place on the 10th of Feb 2012 and has been a delightful community day of celebration with the purpose of promoting a healthy lifestyle for the people of Qatar. At the same time, it aimed to raise awareness of ROTA’s mission and activities like fundraising and volunteering.

The event was combined with the final stage of the Tour of Qatar (men), and gave visitors the opportunity to cycle on the circuit used by the professional bikers as well as enjoy a variety of other physical activities and watch celebrities perform on the stage.

The event has been a great success thanks to all staff and volunteers who gave their best to achieve this result, the Reflection Event aims to reflect on everybody’s participation in Wheels ‘n’ Heels, identify the weaknesses and celebrate the success.