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ROTA Youth Challenge


Dates: Starting from October 2018 and continuing till March 2019 

4 days intensive training in October followed by almost 5 month of practical bi-weekly grass root training afterwords.  

Venue: Hamad Bin Khalifa University - Student Center in Qatar Foundation 

What is the ROTA Youth Challenge?

An effective tool for developing and fine-tuning youth skills, the ROTA Youth Challenge takes individuals to real life challenging experiences, with the ultimate aim of inspiring and invoking change in their communities. The Project is also intended to help the youth chart their career path, and prepare them to be qualified ambassadors for Qatar and ROTA in international conventions; and regional, developmental and community engagements and humanitarian action. This Project serves directly the strategy of the Ministry of Youth and Sports in the State of Qatar, particularly with respect to Strategic Pillar 1: Youth empowerment, building and investing in their capacities and meeting youth expectations..

What are the goals of the Project?

Train and develop 45 youths (males and females) to master certain skills over the Project period (October 2018 - March 2019)
Realize the Creative Teams concept by dividing participants into 6 groups (each comprising 7 individuals approximately)
Assign each group to introduce an idea for a community service project and implement it after obtaining the necessary approvals.
Regularly follow-up the proposed projects, with direct consultancy for project support and development along with technical and administrative support throughout implementation life-cycle.
Showcase distinguished projects at Empower 2019

What are the key outputs?

Develop and enhance core leadership and communication skills.
Acquire project and community service campaign management skills.
Leverage goal setting capacities.
Meet with people and make new friends.
Learn community service methods and techniques.
ROTA accredited Certificates of Participation
A chance to win incentive awards at the end of the Program. 

Participation Criteria:

Age Group: 16- 26 years (males and females) with priority to Qatari nationals.
Attend all events and participate actively. 
Perform tasks as per schedule.
Strive for the success of the participating project(s). 

Project Timeline

Stage 1: October 2018 (4 Training Days) (20% of Overall Evaluation)
Project Launch:

Detailed description of the project including work mechanisms, types of projects required from groups, implementation requirements starting with attending sessions and workshops and ending with project presentation at Empower Conference
Leadership Training Program:

Leadership and team work fundamentals, with a concentration on Social Project Management
Stage 2: (60% of Overall Evaluation)
Groups and Project Progress Ongoing Training Sessions and Follow-up: October 2018 - March 2019
At this stage groups are monitored using a prescribed monitoring program (two programs per month).  The major features of the Program are as follows:
Interview social youth program figures and showcase their experiences.  
Discuss challenges facing projects and propose solutions.  
Present youth experiences in the areas of youth and social work (videos/websites/ideas, etc.)  
Enhance groups' projects with innovative ideas and visions to upgrade the standard of projects by hosting financial, marketing, creativity and social media specialists. 
Provide ongoing support through the proposed program, with the possibility to organize group private sessions.
Showcase previous or current clubs' experiences
October 2018 Schedule: One Program (09:00 - 17:00) 20% of Overall Evaluation
Evaluate the main ideas presented from the various groups and selection of the proper project for each group
November 2018 Schedule: Two Programs (15:00 - 20:30) 20% of Overall Evaluation
Complete proposed projects' main ideas and scope of work
Approve the projects submitted by groups and grant ROTA's final approval on the concept in the lead up to its implementation.
December 2018 Schedule: Two Programs (15:00 - 20:30) 20% of Overall Evaluation
Submit Project Action Plan
Submit Proposed Project Budget
Submit Pilot Project Implementation Guidelines
January 2019 Schedule: one Program (15:00 - 20:30) 20% of Overall Evaluation
Specified Projects’ Evaluation and provide Feedback and comments
February 2019 Schedule: Two Programs (15:00 - 20:30) 20% of Overall Evaluation 

Project Implementation/Execution 
Project Evaluation and Feedback
Preparations for Project Presentation at Empower 2018
March 2019 Schedule: 2 days (15:00 - 20:30) 20% of Overall Evaluation 
Support and assist group in preparing presentations
Hold Presentation Skills workshop
Stage 3: (20% of Overall Evaluation)
Present projects at Empower Conference, receive audience feedback and document the experience.
Numbers of participants are limited.
Please note that, registration will be open starting from 30th July until 2nd week of October 2018.
If you are interested, register through the following link:
For any queries, contact:
Community Development Department
Tel: +974 4454 1661
Tel: +974 4454 1611
Tel: +974 4454 1639