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ROTA Youth Service Club - Leadership Training
ROTA Youth Service Club - Leadership Training
RYSC Leadership Training

RYSC Leadership Training RYSC Leadership Training is a fun 4-day interactive training and outdoor learning program for young people, added between 14 -24 years old who are interested in leading a Youth Service Club. This training will equip youth with skills, knowledge and abilities to effectively run a ROTA Youth Service Club (RYSC).


RYSC Leadership Training will be held on

10th to 13th October 2012

Venue: Recreation Center, Education City

Time: 8:00am—5:00pm daily; Friday: 12:30pm—7:00pm


If you want to lead…

          serve your community...

                     advocate for global social change…

Then the ROTA Youth Service Club and Leadership Training are for YOU!

are a network of self directed, extracurricular youth service clubs. The Clubs, which are supported by the ROTA Qatar program, provide a unique opportunity for young people in Qatar to develop leadership skills, gain understanding of international and community development issues as well as practical experience to carry out creative projects that address local and global issues.


Brief Program

•  1-day outdoor team building activity in a traditional Qatari Farm

•  Series of Interactive learning workshops on:

-> Personal development
-> Leadership skills
-> Team building Advocacy
        -> Project Management
        -> Tools to manage a youth service club
        -> Understand critical global issues
        -> Creative Workshops

•  Student led presentation on framework to apply the knowledge in serving the community

•  Challenging and reflective out of the classroom activities

Learning benefits and outcomes – Why attend?

At the end of this training you will be able to:

• Learn to set personal goals and understand your values and worldview and its effect on how you interact with the world
• Enhance and develop key leadership and communication skills
• Acquire knowledge and skills in carrying out community projects and campaigns
• Increase your ability to think critically about key global issues
• Learn new ways and means to be advocate for change
• Meet likeminded people and make more friends
• Increase your passion to be a change agent


What is new?

• Two different tracks of training

Track 1: for youth who have not been involved with ROTA Youth Program and are interested to be part of the family
Track 2: for all RYSC Members

• Offering training in English and Arabic for Track 1
• Team Building activity in a traditional Qatari farm which will enable participants to experience the Qatari hospitality

For the first time, we are offering this training in Arabic and English.

Numbers of participants are limited. If you are interested, register now:


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