Hasna’a Ahmed - Al-Zubier - Iraq

Hasna’a Ahmed is seventeen years old and a resident of Al-Zubier district’s Hay Al-Askary neighborhood. When she learned that a new youth center was to be constructed in her neighborhood, she was disappointed as she assumed that only boys would be able to use the facilities for sports activities. Hasna’a then heard that the new center would offer sewing and computer classes for young women in the community. She was delighted to know that this community resource was also available to her, and immediately signed up for a two-week computer training course. “We are so happy with Mercy Corps, USAID and the Qatar Foundation for providing a center where we can learn and develop our knowledge,” said Hasna’a.  “Our neighborhood and others lack these types of facilities. Traditions and cultural taboos prohibit girls from traveling to faraway areas to learn new skills. This center will give us a great opportunity to learn.”