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CNAQ donates 450 computers to ROTA projects in Asia & Qatar
12 July 2012

Already the first computers have been delivered by CNAQ staff to ROTA, who is now cleaning, testing and repairing each computer as part of a plan to take delivery of 50 computers every two to three weeks throughout the summer.

“The 450 computers donated by The College of the North Atlantic-Qatar will enable Asian children to reach their full potential and live a much improved quality of life. Words cannot fully express our gratitude for this remarkable gift,” says ROTA Online Education Manager, Pascal.
To ensure ROTA possesses the skills to refurbish the donated CNAQ computers on a regular basis, a volunteer from World Computer Exchange (WCE) has trained ten ROTA volunteers in how to refurbish, repair, test and prepare computers ready for installation in ROTA schools.
The comprehensive three-day WCE training course saw ROTA volunteers learn how to install an operating system, set up a network, install software, test , clean and prepare the computers ready for distribution to a ROTA project.
“For me, the training was very beneficial, practical and comprehensive. The unity and sequenceof the three days were so effective. What I knew and experienced during these days exceeded myexpectations. Sure, I will come back to join you in this great experience,” said Yasser Hussein.
Volunteer Abid Abdul Aziz commented: “(It was) a very positive learning experience with the training being very interactive, the trainer andstaff being very supportive, and thus we volunteers getting all the benefits. I certainly lookforward to being called on to work on the refurbishing project.”

“The training was amazing! I had so much fun and learnt so much from it. I would love to come back and help them with refurbishing of the rest of the computers,” said Shawn Castelino.  
As ROTA volunteers learn new skills and gain experience in refurbishing the computers, the organization plans to implement its own volunteer computer training course in September/October to ensure the computers can be distributed to ROTA projects across Asia as quickly as possible.
“The training brought together an energetic group of volunteers eager to aid the effort to bringcomputers to children in developing countries. I found them to be a group willing to work and learn.  By the end of the workshop they werecontributing ideas to improve the process of refurbishing the computers. I will eagerly watch theirwork and wish ROTA the best in this project,” commented Trainer Jack O’Donnell.
One of the fundamental advantages to the CNAQ donation is its environmental impact. When it comes to computers, reusing is certainly better than destroying. Salvaging the 450 CNAQ computers therefore conserves natural resources and avoids air and water pollution, as well as greenhouse gas emissions that are caused by manufacturing new products.
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Paul Gerhard