ROTA champion’s sports in education to achieve Millennium Development Goals | Press Releases

ROTA champion’s sports in education to achieve Millennium Development Goals
22 May 2012

Reach Out To Asia (ROTA) Research Specialist Dr. Epifania A. Amoo-Adare highlighted the not-for-profit educational organisation’s development of an approach for using sports to achieve educational objectives during a presentation at the 56th Annual Comparative and International Education Society (CIES) 2012 conference held in Puerto Rico.

Delivering her presentation entitled “Sports as Pedagogy?: Uses of Sports in International Education Development”, Dr. Amoo-Adare outlined how sports can be a cost-effective method for meeting many development and peace challenges, including helping to achieve United Nations Millennium Development Goals.

“ROTA is particularly interested in adopting a +Sports approach, with a focus on educational objectives, especially since research indicates that theory-driven inclusion of sports in quality education programming has the potential for positive outcomes in physical, lifestyle, affective, social and cognitive development of children and youth,” said Dr. Amoo-Adare during the ROTA presentation at CIES 2012. 

As Qatar looks forward to hosting the FIFA 2022 World Cup and Doha bids to stage the 2020 Summer Olympic Games, Dr. Amoo-Adare stressed the importance of several ROTA projects that have adopted sports to achieve social and educational objectives.

In cooperation with the Qatar 2022 Bid Committee and Mercy Corps, ROTA supported Generation Amazing: Youth Development through Football in Nepal and Pakistan, which was a 10-month project to improve opportunities for youth to learn about and play football, while also contributing to community development.

Utilizing sports as a tool for improving community-based education, ROTA supports a 3-year project in partnership with CARE International in order to provide community-based education for grade 1 to 9 pupils in rural Afghanistan communities within Khost, Kapisa and Ghazni provinces. 

Infrastructure Support and Professional Improvement to Revitalize Education (INSPIRE) is a project for children and youth in 42 schools in SWAT Valley, Pakistan, implemented in partnership with CARE International. A key element of the 3-year project focuses on increasing social cohesion through youth development using sports activities.

Working with Save The Children, ROTA supports Improving Access and Quality of Education for Returned IDP Children Affected by the Floods in Swat District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province, Pakistan, which provides quality education for children and youth in 42 schools in SWAT Valley, Pakistan, including increasing children’s leadership skills and social cohesion through extracurricular sports activities.

In collaboration with Mercy Corps, ROTA’s Youth Development and Life Skills through Sports project trained 20 coaches who in turn trained teams of youth leaders, in Pakistan’s SWAT Valley, in youth leadership and development through sports such as football, cricket, volleyball and hockey.

Empowering Youth and Children for Participating in Sports and Building Disaster Resilience for Strengthening Community Cohesion is a project implemented in collaboration with Muslim Aid to empower youth and children through DRR training, leadership skills and civic responsibility. The 3-year projectincludes the use of sports to promote community cohesion in the schools and villages of Teknaf and Ukhiya upazillas, Bangladesh.

Implemented in partnership with Motivate Canada and Right to Play, ROTA recently completed a 3-day Sports Training Program in Qatar to equip the Community Development team and ROTA Youth Advisory Board members with improved knowledge on the use of sports as a development and educational tool.

“CIES was a unique opportunity to share ROTA’s thinking and processes for developing a sports-for-education approach with peers in the comparative and international education field. Their positive reception of the presentation is encouraging because it promises a shared interest in promoting the use of sports as a tool for meeting sound educational objectives.” explained Dr. Amoo-Adare.

Underlining the conference’s reputation as a meeting place for the world’s leading NGOs, CIES 2012 attracted participants from the Aga Khan Foundation, CARE International, Catholic Relief Services, INEE, International Rescue Committee, Save the Children, The World Bank, UNESCO, UNICEF, USAID and World Partners in Education, among several others, as well as students and faculty from many different universities across the globe.