ROTA-VCU-Q volunteers depart for Indonesia trip | Press Releases

ROTA-VCU-Q volunteers depart for Indonesia trip
13 May 2013


25 students in 7-day visit to assist technical and vocational education project

Qatar’s pioneering not-for-profit educational organization, Reach Out To Asia (ROTA) is fostering the spirit of volunteerism in Qatar by partnering with the Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar (VCU-Q) to send 25 student and faculty volunteers on a 7-day trip to visit a ROTA-funded technical and vocational education project in Indonesia.

The trip is supported by the Vodafone Qatar charitable fund dedicated to supporting students and individuals who have the desire to volunteer through ROTA’s International Outreach programme. The trip to offers a unique service opportunity for undergraduate students to explore and expand their skills.

“Vodafone Qatar has ben funding the ROTA International Outreach Program for the past 3 years because we believe in the impact that volunteering and community service can have on peoples’ personal and professional development.  It really helps volunteers see the world in a whole new light and urges them to take a much more active role in making a difference in the world,” said Dana Haidan, Head of Corporate Responsibility at Vodafone Qatar.

In May 2011 and 2012, the ROTA Volunteer Program coordinated International Volunteer Trips for VCU-Q students in collaboration with VCU-Q Student Life.  The trips were an overwhelming success, with both the VCU-Q students and Bayat School students and staff requesting to repeat the trip on a yearly basis.

Departing Doha on 10th May, the ROTA-VCUQ volunteers will participate in a focused activity program featuring student-led peer to peer arts based workshops for 150 Indonesian students.

 The ROTA project in Indonesia focuses on preserving the traditional arts of batik and pottery, and the VCU-Q workshops intend to compliment the curriculum by offering the Bayat students a chance to explore and expand their skills in drawing, fashion design, jewellery making, Photoshop and book binding. 

The group will also participate in a community arts project, Indoartamiks, a Vodafone Qatar funded programme supported by ROTA that works to build the capacity of Bayat School students, alumni, local craft women and local artists through intensive trainings, workshops, and experimentation.

“Our activity program is designed to immerse the students in the local culture and ensure they benefit from a positive learning experience throughout the visit” said Marrakech E. Arbuckle, International Volunteer Specialist, ROTA.

ROTA’S Indonesia  project provides education for children, livelihood skill for youths and adults, as well as the construction of a vocational training center that will serve important community purposes and a vocational training center for local skills,

“At VCUQ we are inspired by the conviction that volunteerism is a powerful means ofengaging people in tackling development challenges worldwide. Our volunteers are excited to have an extraordinary opportunity to make a positive impact on the lives of people in Indonesia,” said Lesley Gray, International Program Coordinator at VCU-Q.


“The ROTA-VCU-Q volunteers visiting Indonesia have a wonderful opportunityto participate in a project that is shaping the futures of many young. We look forward to hearing about their experiences when theyreturn home,” said Mohammed Abdulla Saleh, ROTA Community Development Manager

After returning from Indonesia, the volunteers and supporters will be invited to a Reflection Event where they will come together to discuss, reflect on and share their Indonesia experiences with others. 

In addition, VCU-Q and ROTA will seek to maintain the momentum of their partnership by exploring opportunities to publicize the volunteers’ trip reflections to their VCU-Q peers and the wider community, as well as advocating for the needs of students in Indonesia through Qatar-based activities.