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ROTA & Qatar Academy sign agreement on Computer refurbishing program
11 May 2014

Reach Out To Asia (ROTA), Qatar’s leading non-profit organization, and Qatar Academy (QA), key educational institution in Qatar, have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on setting up a Computer refurbishing initiative at QA.

The agreement was signed by Mr. Mohammed Jassim Al-Naama, Reach Out to Asia Acting Executive Director and Senior Management Representative (Fundraising & Sponsorship) and Dr Eric Sands, Qatar Academy Director, at a function held at Qatar Academy on May 8th.

The pact builds upon ROTA’s own Computer Refurbishing initiative started in 2013 to support Qatar Academy’s own program on computer refurbishing for its ‘Laptops for Workers’ drive.

Cooperation effectively started in February 2014; QA students have participated in an introduction session to Computer Refurbishing by ROTA. They also visited ROTA Computer refurbishing Lab and started refurbishing QA laptops following QA designed methodology for refurbishing.

“ROTA Computer Refurbishing Project has always focused on the positive impact of modern technology and quality education in students' lives. Today, we are delighted to sign this agreement to help set up a new initiative in line with ROTA’s drive at Qatar Academy”, said Mr. Mohammed Jassim Al-Naama, Reach Out to Asia Acting Executive Director. “This ROTA-QA partnership will provide an incredible opportunity for students to utilize their technical potential to reach out to the underprivileged and deserving workers by offering them IT as a tool to create a better future”.

As Qatar Academy regularly buys new computer equipment for students and staff alike, the agreement supports the recycling and refurbishing of Qatar Academy disused laptops, to be donated to migrant workers. It is expected that some 640 laptops will be refurbished and distributed in 2014.
Commenting on the agreement, Dr Eric Sands, Qatar Academy Director said, “This agreement reiterates our belief in giving importance to the sense of community and on developing community awareness and concern, and the skills needed to make an effective contribution to society”.

“When our employees are better educated and better connected to the world - including their homes and families - their well-being is enhanced, their job satisfaction is improved, their attention to what they are doing is deepened and finally, their pride on working in Doha, especially QF, is greater,” added Dr Sands.

‘‘Laptop for Workers’’ at Qatar Academy is an International Baccalaureate Community and Service (MYP - C&S) and Creativity, Action Service (DP - CAS) program. All students in the senior school are eligible to join. C&S and CAS programs develop a sense of community as well as making connections between themselves and the community.
The purpose of this program is to provide low income workers at Qatar Academy, in Education City and in Qatar with laptops and mobile phones in order to improve their quality of life while working temporarily in Qatar.  
Under the terms of the agreement, ROTA with its developed expertise in setting up computer refurbishing initiatives, will support QA as it creates its own computer refurbishing lab, triage zone, inventory and asset management. QA will impart training in the computer lab to refurbish, repair, test and prepare computers for distribution.
The ROTA Computer refurbishing project was initiated by Reach Out To Asia to address environmental impact of e-Waste and use refurbished computers to improve access to quality education. Electronic waste (e-waste) is one of the fastest growing waste streams around the world. The problem arises at the end of the computer useful life and is compounded by the hazardous nature of the waste.  

ROTA has recently donated 50 computers, screens, keyboards, mouse, cables, 16 laptops, dock stations and bags to two schools in Doha under its computer refurbishing project to schools in Qatar.

ROTA will also help Qatar Academy set up a Youth Service Club at Qatar Academy if the need arise. ROTA has extensive experience in the matter as, since 2009, it has supported more than 20 ROTA Youth Service Clubs, comprising more than 200 members and associates.
A big part of ROTA’s contribution will be to monitor and evaluate the success and progress of the initiative.

“This MoU will be the beginning of real partnership with QA to accomplish the noble goals that the two organizations are aiming to realize. The most important of those goals is to help the community in Qatar and also the Asian communities as a whole so we can enable children and youth to improve their lives,” concluded Mr.  Al Naama.