ROTA’s Goodwill Ambassador visits Lebanon to raise money for Palestinian child refugees this Ramadan | Press Releases

ROTA’s Goodwill Ambassador visits Lebanon to raise money for Palestinian child refugees this Ramadan
22 June 2015

  • Social Media Star Ghanim Al Muftah shared his journey with followers to raise much needed funds for sports and education facilities in Nahr El Bared


Doha, Qatar – 22 June 2015: This Ramadan, Reach Out To Asia’s (ROTA) Goodwill Ambassador and social media celebrity Ghanim Al Muftah, undertook an emotional visit to the Palestinian refugee campNahr El Bared, Lebanon, to witness the beginning of a new and exciting community sports centre that will benefit 5,000 local children living there.

ROTA, a member of Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development (QF), will work alongside partner American Near East Refugee Aid (ANERA) to complete the project. ‘The Enhancing Non-Formal Education for Palestinian Youth in the North of Lebanon Program’ is an extension and expansion of ANERA’s partnership and see’s ROTA continue on-going charity work at Nahr El Bared camp since 2010.

The project will offer a safe haven for some 5,000 youths living on the refugee camp, where they can learn, play and socialise. Ghanim, with the support of his many followers, pledged to raise one million QR this Ramadan in order to help these disadvantaged children using #withyouwereach1million.

Reach Out to Asia’s Goodwill Ambassador Ghanim Mohammed Al Muftah enjoyed his visit to Al Nahr Al-Bared refugee camp in Lebanon to meet children affected by political displacement, where he spenttime talking about their needs and dream

His trip is one step towards his new campaign “with you we reach one million riyals”to collect one million riyals for Al Nahr Al-Bared camp to help make the children’s aspirations for sporting and recreational facilities a reality.

As a member of QF, ROTA believes in the importance of unlocking human potential to power sustainable community development. ROTA is supporting QF’s mission to provide world-class education and nurture the development of progressive societies by addressing urgent social needs.

With the help of Ghanim, ROTA aims to raise much needed funds to build a green sports facility near Nahr El Bared, to serve as a community facility for youth, aged 16-25yrs, affected by the poor conditions and substandard facilities of the refugee camp.The centre stems from the ‘plus sports’ methodology, whereby sport is used as a pathway to guide children via confidence building, practicing social skills, vocational training and preparatory learning support.

ROTA is proud to have Ghanim as an active Goodwill Ambassador and the recent visit signifies his first fundraising challenge in this important role. As a hugely popular student activist, his involvement helps to highlight vital projects, and encourage donations through his real-life experience and empathy for the children he has encountered.

Mr Essa Al Mannai, ROTA’s Executive Director, said: “This project is a prime example of the work ROTA undertakes and the organisation’s core mission - to ensure that children affected by crises have continuous access to relevant and high-quality primary and secondary education.”

“Without an education and opportunities for vocational training, these children have little chance of escaping their current situation and bettering their lives. The new sports facility to be built with ROTA’s help, will provide a safe place for them to learn, grow in confidence, acquire skills and increase community participation. Lastly, I wish to thank Ghanim for his tireless support and immense efforts in making this new centre a reality for the children of Nahr El Bared.”

At the end of Ramadan, ROTA will be announcing the total raised through Ghanim’s trip and sharing further updates on the build of the green sports facility at Nahr El Bared. To show your support and donate some much needed funds to the children of Palestine, please visit:

As well as this international project, ROTA is also hosting many other charitable Ramadan activities, including labourer Iftars, fundraising Ghabqa, school renovation projects and grocery donations; all made possible through the help of ROTA volunteers.