ROTA and Vodafone Qatar build education and humanitarian legagy in Indonesia | Press Releases

ROTA and Vodafone Qatar build education and humanitarian legagy in Indonesia
25 March 2015
  • A Joint Effort To Support And Ensure Equal Educational Opportunities
Doha, Qatar, 24 March 2015: Reach Out To Asia (ROTA), a member of Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development (QF), has successfully concluded a trip to Indonesia where 24 ROTA volunteers from Hamad Bin Khalifa University (HBKU) travelled to enhance access to education for children in Al Bayat village, Indonesia. The trip was part of ROTA’s International Outreach Program, sponsored by Vodafone Qatar. 
As a member of QF, ROTA believes in the importance of unlocking human potential and power of sustainable community development. ROTA is supporting QF’s mission to provide world-class education and nurture the development of progressive societies by addressing urgent social needs. Through domestic and international volunteer trips, ROTA aims to fulfil  the following goals: to ensure that people affected by crises cross Asia and around the world have continuous access to education, to improve and enhance the skills of the volunteers through hands-on work, and to increase the awareness on the importance of education and how to positively impact the lives of the people.
The Indonesia trip, which follows a joint ROTA-Vodafone Qatar trip to Cambodia in February, was launched in partnership with HBKU and Qatar University. The HBKU students who participated in this voluntary trip to Al Bayat village were able to put the educational and leadership skills they have learned into practice; sharing their enthusiasm for learning with local students and educators.
For participants, the aim of the trip was to help the students build an appreciation for the value and benefits of taking on volunteer work to improve their communities. Cross-cultural awareness and the unbreakable link between education and development were central themes of the programme
Mr. Essa Al Mannai, ROTA’s Executive Director, said: “At ROTA, volunteer and capacity-building trips to areas in need form a key pillar of our mission to preserve and promote education and build a culture of volunteerism locally. This highlights the strength and social impact of our bond with Vodafone Qatar and underscores the critical importance of collaboration in community development. We also extend our deep gratitude to Vodafone Qatar for their continuous support and partnership to ensure equal educational opportunities for all.”
Dana Haidan, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility at Vodafone Qatar, commented: “Our strong and long-term partnership with ROTA continues to bring our Vodafone Better World CSR program to life - making a positive impact on the lives of young people in Indonesia and around the world. The spirit of community service among young Qataris is alive and well and it's a value ROTA and Vodafone Qatar will continue to cultivate together."