Addressing Short Coming in ROTA Schools in Bagh AJK, Pakistan | Projects

Addressing Short Coming in ROTA Schools in Bagh AJK, Pakistan

Reach Out to Asia was directly involved in the project by addressing to the short comings in their newly constructed eight schools in the earth quake affected area of Bagh, Pakistan Administered Kashmir.  The construction of ten other permanent schools was implemented by Qatar Red Crescent.  These schools were completed and handed over to the education department. During the handing over, education department officials requested ROTA to also address the short comings left during the reconstruction of schools. ROTA had agreed with the education department and took up this project. The project started on 18th of October 2009 and completed in the last week of January 2010. The completion certificate was issued by the DRU on 9th of March 2010. 

The installation of earthing systems to protect the schools from lightning was also completed at the request of the education department, which was not included in the original contract; however, the contractor and the consultant have both agreed to carry out the work without any extra charges.


  1. Constructing of eight schools
  2. Reinforce and structurally upgrade ten other schools

Implementing Period:  October 2009 – March 2010