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Monithapana Khsach Kandal General and Technical High School, Kandal Province

Cambodia, a culturally-rich and diverse country in southeastern Asia, is still recovering from the repercussions of the 20 years of Khmer Rouge rule, a dark time in the country’s history that all but drained Cambodia’s cultural heritage.  Along with its partners, ROTA focused on cultural and educational development programs to help rebuild the country’s heritage, and give children hope for their futures.  Three projects were thus launched.

In July 2007, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between ROTA and Cambodia’s Monithapana Foundation to expand the Vihear Suork Schools by building primary, secondary and vocational schools in the Kandal Province of Cambodia. The upgraded Vihear Suork Schools, recently renamed the HUN SEN-ROTA General and Technical High School, will provide additional access to primary and secondary education for children as well as up-to-date technical skills for Cambodia’s youth.

Construction of the schools was launched in September 2009 and was completed mid November 2010. A technical and vocational needs assessment was carried out in 2011 to determine the most suitable TVET program for the province. Based on this needs assessment, a proposal was prepared by the Monithipana Foundation for the design and implementation of a TVET program at the HUN SEN-ROTA School, which will be launched at the start of the new school year in August 2013.

Project Facts

Implementing Period: 

July 2007 – Present


Project Partner:

Monithapana Foundation



  • To improve access to primary and secondary education.
  • Provision of vocational training.


Expected Beneficiaries:

Direct beneficiaries:  

                                2,750 direct beneficiaries per year

                                88 teachers

                                18 school administrators

Indirect beneficiaries:

                                 516,876 community members,

                                130 consultants, 120 skilled/unskilled laborers

Hun Sen ROTA School
Hun Sen ROTA School