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Move 4 New Horizon

Project Facts: 


Implementing Period:                                  July 2012 - July 2015


Project Partner:                                Swiss Academy for Development



  • Children aged 3-5 from disadvantaged families, gain access to, and succeed in, primary school, through the provision of a replicable, interactive, play-based ECD program
  • Out of school children aged 6-12 from disadvantaged families, develop the necessary emotional and social competencies to succeed in school through a replicable playful learning NFE program.
  • Marginalized youth aged 15-22 develop the necessary skills to earn a moderate income through a replicable enhanced VT program.

Expected Beneficiaries:

      Direct Beneficiaries

o   500 children at age 6-12 in NFE-classes

o   400 youth between the age of 15 and 22 in VT program

o   1’000 children in our Child Clubs

o   1’200 parents of ECD/NFE/child club

o   800 mothers  in mothers groups and engage in income generating activities

o   120 teachers at public primary schools in trainings on the playful pedagogical approach


In June 2012, ROTA began supporting the second phase of the Move 4 New Horizons (M4NH II) project being implemented by Swiss Academy for Development (SAD) in Nepal. The ROTA co-funded project M4NH II is a follow-up to M4NH phase I, the award winning sport and play based concept. This follow-on phase of the project is an expansion beyond the first phase, now including two additional components. On the one hand, the project has been expanded to spread the playful teaching approach to include pre-school aged children and to reach out to children in their early childhood. Additionally, a vocational training and skills education component was added for youth of 11-18 years of age. These activities were added to ensure an educational continuum for disadvantaged Nepalese children and youth. SAD is implementing this project in collaboration with the local Dalit Welfare Organization (DWO).