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ROTA Adult English Literacy Program
The ROTA Adult English Literacy Program, first developed in 2009, to teach English to low-skilled migrant workers in Qatar. The program trains volunteers, mainly students, to become Literacy Trainers, who go on to deliver a 16-week English Literacy course to low-skilled migrant workers using ROTA’s custom-designed English Literacy curriculum. The course is designed to help workers improve their English language skills as a mean of enhancing their ability to achieve personal goals and improve life opportunities. Part of this program runs as a service-learning initiative in collaboration with local universities, in which university students are given an opportunity to directly interact with and serve workers within their institutions through their involvement as trainers and resource volunteers on the course.  ROTA provides a 3 day train-the-trainer program which includes training in how to use the course curriculum, participatory approaches to adult learning, facilitation skills, global migration as well as class room management. Trainers also benefit from a bi-weekly reflective learning forum for student trainers to learn from each other and document their experience on the program using various creative forms.  Our aim for 2011 is to engage 60 student trainers and other volunteers in delivering the course to 150 low skilled workers based at three QF universities and local companies.