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Vocational Training Program at HUN SEN – ROTA School

Upon completion of the construction of the school in 2011, which constituted Phase 1 of the project, the Prime Minister of Cambodia renamed the School to the Hun Sen ROTA School, as it is currently known. Phase 2 of the project includes the installation and provision of Vocational Training equipment and program, and was severely delayed due to a variety of factors, including: the capacity of the local partner, the necessity for a local assessment to determine the best TVET program for the district, and extended gaps in management on the ROTA side. In November 2013, the Phase 2 partnership agreement was signed with MF and the procurement and installation of civil works for the TVET component began now in implementation phase.


Project Facts


Implementing Period: 

November 2013- October 2016

Project Partner:

Monithapana Foundation



  • Provide a combination of general and technical education to students, 50% of whom will be female
  • Prepare graduates with the competencies required for skilled employment


Expected Beneficiaries:

Direct beneficiaries:  

Targeted number of students in each year will consist of 200 students (100 students in electric technology and 100 students in electronic technology


Indirect beneficiaries:

Approximately 600,000 people in Khsach Kandal, Lvea Em and Muk Kampul districts (Kandal province), Pea Raing (Prey Veng province) and Srey Santhor (Kampong Cham province) including families of students.