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Projects in Community Development
Improving Quality of Education and Building Disaster Resilience in Schools
Enhancing knowledge in disaster risk reduction (DRR); Build capacity of teachers and students to improve teaching-learning environment and school governance; designing and promoting safe school standards through disaster prevention and mitigation initiatives; advocating for policy and governance reform in securing resources, budget monitoring, and safe school standards; enabling students from disadvantaged groups  with the opportunity to continue their secondary education through scholarships
Community Development, Nepal, School Construction Rehabilitation, Teacher Professional Development
Construction of a State of the Art Intermediate School for Girls – Al-Fao District
The project focuses on improving access of female students residing in seven villages to intermediate education and reducing the number of dropouts by at least 50%. Through creative activities and access to information technologies and training in essential skills, the project aims to help the girls realize their true potential and give them hope for a better future.
Youth Development, Community Development, Iraq, School Construction Rehabilitation
Change Peoples Lives Through Education

Improve the quality and access to Secondary School Education in the selected five Schools in Baghdad and Erbil Governorates.

Youth Development, Community Development, Iraq, Service Learning
Global Citizen Corps (GCC)

The program’s goal is to inspire and equip an expanding network of young leaders to take informed actions that build and secure productive and just communities throughout the world.  Qatar joins a host of other nations in the network, including the United States, United Kingdom (Scotland), the Occupied Palestinian Territories, Iraq, Lebanon, Pakistan, and Indonesia.

Youth Development, Indonesia, Community Development, Pakistan, Iraq, Lebanon, Non-Formal Education
Construction of a Vocational School in Bayat, Klaten Region - SMKN1 ROTA Bayat
ROTA and its local partner Titian Foundation have rebuilt the school buildings using earthquake resistant specifications. Additionally, a state-of-the-art vocational school, SMKN 1 ROTA Bayat School, has been constructed as a Center of Excellence for teaching ceramics and batik, the traditional technique where melted wax is used to draw on cloth and dyed in a variety of colors.
Youth Development, Indonesia, Community Development, School Construction Rehabilitation, Teacher Professional Development
Qatar-Titian Scholarship Fund

The long-term commitment of ROTA and Titian Foundation to increasing educational opportunities in Bayat has seen the creation of the Qatar-Titian Scholarship Fund, a 3-year scholarship program providing financial assistance for 200 students in the SMKN 1 ROTA Bayat Vocational and other high schools students in the region.


Indonesia, Community Development
Capacity Building Project
Improving the quality of the school management system; improving the capacity of staff and teachers; improving students’ performance; developing the school curriculum and implement a system for continuous curriculum improvement
Indonesia, Community Development, Teacher Professional Development
Vocational Training Program at HUN SEN – ROTA School

Upon completion of the construction of the school in 2011, which constituted Phase 1 of the project, the Prime Minister of Cambodia renamed the School to the Hun Sen ROTA School, as it is currently known. Phase 2 of the project includes the installation and provision of Vocational Training equipment and program, and was severely delayed due to a variety of factors, including: the capacity of the local partner, the necessity for a local assessment to determine the best TEVT program for the district, and extended gaps in management on the ROTA side.

Community Development, Cambodia
Promotion of the Kampot Traditional Music and Dance School for Orphaned and Disabled children, Khmer Cultural Development Institute (KCDI)
The Kampot Traditional Music School, founded in 1994, provides cultural education, focusing on Khmer traditional music and dance and vocational training to approximately 30 underprivileged and socially vulnerable children as well as 170 children from the local community in the town of Kampot in Kampot Province.
Youth Development, Community Development, Cambodia, Teacher Professional Development
Non-formal Education, Vocational Training, and Livelihood Support for Vulnerable Families in Cox’s Bazaar District
Bangladesh has unfortunately suffered from a cycle of regular natural disasters, from flooding to yearly storms. ROTA’s efforts focused on Cox’s Bazar District in the country, and provided support for the most vulnerable members of the community.With Muslim Aid, ROTA launched three programs, targeting different elements of both education and disaster readiness. A detailed individual household assessment was carried out in Cox’s Bazar district highlighted the extreme poverty and vulnerability of the people and their need for humanitarian and employment support and services.
Bangladesh, Community Development