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The International Education and Resource Network (iEARN) is a non-profit organization that connects schools and youth organizations worldwide via a virtual network to empower young people, encourage inter-scholastic collaboration, and debate world issues in real time.  iEARN-Qatar started in March 2008 as a pilot program

Qatar, ICT for Education, Teacher Professional Development
Human capital development through developing technical and physical capacities

Human capital development through developing technical and physical capacities of Muslim Aid Institute of Technologies (MAITs) in Jessore, Rangpur, Chittagong and Dhaka

Bangladesh, Youth Development, Community Development
Establishment of Two Human Development Resource Centers (HDRCs) in Union Council Nar Sher Ali Khan, Bagh, Azad Jumma and Kashmir, Pakistan
Based on the needs assessment, ROTA partner Hashoo Foundation proposed the establishment of two Vocational/Technical Training Centers called, ‘Human Development Resource Centers’ (HDRCs) in UC Nar Sher Ali Khan to train men and women separately. Each training center will offer six courses including vocational and technical and agricultural- based trainings. These trainings are based on the needs assessment and the natural resources available within the area.
Pakistan, School Construction Rehabilitation, Non-Formal Education
Pakistan Youth Development and Life Skills Through Sports

This project trained 20 sports coaches from different areas of the Swat District.  These coaches were jointly identified with the local government District Sports Officer, and represent a number of different sports (Football, Cricket, Volleyball, Hockey etc).  The coaches were trained in youth leadership and development through sports activities. Once they were trained, each coach was to give a month long training program to their teams of youth players, covering aspects of youth leadership and development, including communications and perception, competition, collaboration and negotiation, conflict analysis, managing emotions, reconciliation, trust, and forgiveness, mediation, and consensus-building.

Pakistan, Teacher Professional Development, Sports
Revitalizing Education and Building Peace in Post Conflict and Flood Affected Swat Valley
This three-year initiative focused on implementing three priorities: restoring trust in government institutions, especially the education system; promoting social cohesion as a vehicle for peace-building; and applying Disaster Risk Reduction standards in school construction and educational programs.
Community Development, Pakistan, School Construction Rehabilitation, Teacher Professional Development
Environmental Education Initiative for Primary and Secondary Pupils in Syria

ROTA’s main focus in the Syria projects is to introduce formal and non-formal education in sustainable environmental behavior. The targeted populations of this program are students and teachers from primary, secondary, and universities, in the hopes of creating a joint awareness system to instill these morals and values towards the environment.

Syria, Teacher Professional Development, Environmental Education
Expanding Educational and Livelihood Resources in the Terai, with a specific focus on ICT and Youth

n partnership with Bill and Malinda Gates Foundation, ROTA through this project intends to expand education and Livelihood resources for communities in general and for youth in particular in 4 districts of Nepal. With special focus on ICT skills, the project aims to establish and upgrade 11 community centers which will create educational, social and economic opportunities for communities through community engagement. The project also aims to develop leadership skills among youth and prepare them for potential economic and social challenges.

Youth Development, ICT for Education, Nepal
Peer Education in Disaster Risk Reduction

Nepal is one of the most geographically and culturally diverse countries in Asia.  Becoming a republic in 2006, the country has made considerable progress over the last few years towards reducing poverty; however, it is still one of the poorest countries in the region. ROTA worked in close cooperation with its partner, Mercy Corps, to incorporate disaster risk resilient features in schools, raise disaster preparedness awareness amongst children, and implement school-based disaster risk reduction activities.

Youth Development, Nepal
Change Peoples Lives Through Education

Improve the quality and access to Secondary School Education in the selected five Schools in Baghdad and Erbil Governorates.

Youth Development, Community Development, Iraq, Service Learning
Global Citizen Corps (GCC)

The program’s goal is to inspire and equip an expanding network of young leaders to take informed actions that build and secure productive and just communities throughout the world.  Qatar joins a host of other nations in the network, including the United States, United Kingdom (Scotland), the Occupied Palestinian Territories, Iraq, Lebanon, Pakistan, and Indonesia.

Youth Development, Indonesia, Community Development, Pakistan, Iraq, Lebanon, Non-Formal Education