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Projects in Youth Development
Promotion of the Kampot Traditional Music and Dance School for Orphaned and Disabled children, Khmer Cultural Development Institute (KCDI)
The Kampot Traditional Music School, founded in 1994, provides cultural education, focusing on Khmer traditional music and dance and vocational training to approximately 30 underprivileged and socially vulnerable children as well as 170 children from the local community in the town of Kampot in Kampot Province.
Youth Development, Community Development, Cambodia, Teacher Professional Development
Disaster preparedness and Food Needs for Disadvantaged Communities in Cox’s Bazar
The Ramadan program covered youth who were not only socially, financially, economically and culturally disadvantaged and vulnerable due to poverty, but also live in an area severely affected by natural catastrophes. The beneficiaries of the project were youth aged from 14 to 25, living in the Upazilla of Teknaf, one of the most vulnerable areas of Bangladesh.  The overall aim of this project was to provide iftar and sahur to 120 poor youth in ten villages and at the same time provide training on basic disaster preparedness.  The program ran from in Ramadan 2009, and resulted in the increased awareness of disaster risk reduction and preparedness in affected communities.
Bangladesh, Youth Development, Environmental Education
Youth Development

Inspired by The Heir Apparent H. H. Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani's call for strong and active organizations to work on developing active and involved Qatari society, ROTA’s community development strategy supports the establishment of a secure and stable society operating on the principles of justice and equality.

Qatar, Youth Development, Community Development, Service Learning
Beirut19 Writing Competition

The Beirut19 writing competition offered the opportunity for young Arabs who reside in Qatar to participate in a writing competition involving Arab youth from 11 countries. The Beirut19 philosophy was inspired by Beirut39 which aims to encourage debating of important issues between young Arab writers, as well as to allow them to share and cultivate their writing talents.

Qatar, Youth Development, Non-Formal Education