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Establishment of Two Human Development Resource Centers (HDRCs) in Union Council Nar Sher Ali Khan, Bagh, Azad Jumma and Kashmir, Pakistan
Based on the needs assessment, ROTA partner Hashoo Foundation proposed the establishment of two Vocational/Technical Training Centers called, ‘Human Development Resource Centers’ (HDRCs) in UC Nar Sher Ali Khan to train men and women separately. Each training center will offer six courses including vocational and technical and agricultural- based trainings. These trainings are based on the needs assessment and the natural resources available within the area.
Pakistan, School Construction Rehabilitation, Non-Formal Education
Social Revitalization for Displaced Children in North West Frontier Province, Pakistan

As a result of increasing militant activity in May 2009, the Pakistan army commenced military operations in Buner, Lower Dir, and Swat Valley. The majority of the local population began emigrating to Mardan and Swabi in order to avoid the conflict. By the end of May, the number of Internally Displaced People (IDPs) had swelled to just over three million; many of whom fled their homes without money or other resources.

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Emergency Education for Internally-Displaced Peoples (IDPs)
The IDP education program was a response to the emergency situation from constant military activity in Malakand, Dir and Buner Districts. The International Rescue Committee (IRC) and ROTA partnership was setup to provide emergency education and was guided by the INEE Minimum Standards for Education in Emergencies, Chronic Crisis and Early Reconstruction. These standards provide guidance and tools on all aspects of education in emergencies and the IRC ensured to meet these standards in its implementation.
Community Development, Pakistan, Non-Formal Education
Safe Areas for Emergency Education (SAfEE) in the Gaza Strip

With partners Save the Children Sweden and the Palestinian Centre for Democracy and Conflict Resolution, ROTA initiated the Safe Areas for Emergency Education initiative, with the main goals of providing 16 Safe Areas for Emergency Education (SAfEE) for schoolchildren

Palestine, School Construction Rehabilitation, Non-Formal Education
Generation Amazing: Youth Development through Football in Nepal
Increasing opportunities for disadvantaged youth in Nepal to participate in football by improving access to facilities and training; harnessing the power of football to mobilize, educate, and address critical social issues by implementing awareness-raising activities in conjunction with football programming
Community Development, Nepal, Non-Formal Education, Sports
Enhancing Non-Formal Education for Youth in Nahr El-Bared
In May 2007, Nahr El-Bared Camp (NBC), a refugee camp of 40,000 Palestinians in northern Lebanon, was devastated by three months of fighting between Fatah Al-Islam militants and the Lebanese army.  Up to 60% of the buildings and 80% of the homes were either severely or completely destroyed as a result of the shelling and bombing.  More than 433 businesses were directly affected by the fighting, 4,976 jobs were lost, and unemployment rose to 80% compared to the 27% before the fighting.  Now, three years later, many families still remain dependant on the distribution of food and supplies from humanitarian organizations.
Lebanon, Non-Formal Education
Global Citizen Corps (GCC)

The program’s goal is to inspire and equip an expanding network of young leaders to take informed actions that build and secure productive and just communities throughout the world.  Qatar joins a host of other nations in the network, including the United States, United Kingdom (Scotland), the Occupied Palestinian Territories, Iraq, Lebanon, Pakistan, and Indonesia.

Youth Development, Indonesia, Community Development, Pakistan, Iraq, Lebanon, Non-Formal Education
Volunteers Program

As one of our guiding principles, we believe strongly in volunteerism and base our overarching goals on its foundation.  Investing in the strengths and knowledge of the various communities in Qatar, the ROTA Volunteers Program aims to indoctrinate the spirit of volunteerism and encourage involvement in community development both in and outside Qatar

Qatar, Community Development, Service Learning, Non-Formal Education
ROTA Adult English Literacy Program
The ROTA Adult English Literacy Program, first developed in 2009, to teach English to low-skilled migrant workers in Qatar. The program trains volunteers, mainly students, to become Literacy Trainers, who go on to deliver a 16-week English Literacy course to low-skilled migrant workers using ROTA’s custom-designed English Literacy curriculum.
Qatar, Non-Formal Education
Beirut19 Writing Competition

The Beirut19 writing competition offered the opportunity for young Arabs who reside in Qatar to participate in a writing competition involving Arab youth from 11 countries. The Beirut19 philosophy was inspired by Beirut39 which aims to encourage debating of important issues between young Arab writers, as well as to allow them to share and cultivate their writing talents.

Qatar, Youth Development, Non-Formal Education