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Social Revitalization for Displaced Children in North West Frontier Province, Pakistan

As a result of increasing militant activity in May 2009, the Pakistan army commenced military operations in Buner, Lower Dir, and Swat Valley. The majority of the local population began emigrating to Mardan and Swabi in order to avoid the conflict. By the end of May, the number of Internally Displaced People (IDPs) had swelled to just over three million; many of whom fled their homes without money or other resources.

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Pakistan Youth Development and Life Skills Through Sports

This project trained 20 sports coaches from different areas of the Swat District.  These coaches were jointly identified with the local government District Sports Officer, and represent a number of different sports (Football, Cricket, Volleyball, Hockey etc).  The coaches were trained in youth leadership and development through sports activities. Once they were trained, each coach was to give a month long training program to their teams of youth players, covering aspects of youth leadership and development, including communications and perception, competition, collaboration and negotiation, conflict analysis, managing emotions, reconciliation, trust, and forgiveness, mediation, and consensus-building.

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Generation Amazing: Youth Development through Football in Pakistan
ROTA has always believed that sports are an excellent platform to promote confidence-building, and personal and social development. Building on the excitement of the 2010 World Cup, ROTA and Mercy Corp developed a leadership program using football as the mechanism for delivering the initiative.
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Improving Access and Quality of Education for Returned IDP Children Affected by the Floods in Swat District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province, Pakistan
This project focused on ensuring the continuation of education by the affected children by constructing and rehabilitating schools, building capacity for teachers and Parent Teacher Councils (PTC), and using sports and activities to build leadership skills in the children.
Community Development, Pakistan, School Construction Rehabilitation, Teacher Professional Development, Sports
Generation Amazing: Youth Development through Football in Nepal
Increasing opportunities for disadvantaged youth in Nepal to participate in football by improving access to facilities and training; harnessing the power of football to mobilize, educate, and address critical social issues by implementing awareness-raising activities in conjunction with football programming
Community Development, Nepal, Non-Formal Education, Sports