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The International Education and Resource Network (iEARN) is a non-profit organization that connects schools and youth organizations worldwide via a virtual network to empower young people, encourage inter-scholastic collaboration, and debate world issues in real time.  iEARN-Qatar started in March 2008 as a pilot program

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Community Based Education
For sustainable and long-term development in the war-torn country, the provision of education to the new generation is of key importance to ensure that gradually more Afghans are equipped with the right tools to play an active role in their country’s development. The community-based education activities proposed under this project shall be undertaken in three provinces:  Ghazni and Kapisa in central Afghanistan, and Khost in the southeast.
Community Development, Afghanistan, School Construction Rehabilitation, Teacher Professional Development
Pakistan Youth Development and Life Skills Through Sports

This project trained 20 sports coaches from different areas of the Swat District.  These coaches were jointly identified with the local government District Sports Officer, and represent a number of different sports (Football, Cricket, Volleyball, Hockey etc).  The coaches were trained in youth leadership and development through sports activities. Once they were trained, each coach was to give a month long training program to their teams of youth players, covering aspects of youth leadership and development, including communications and perception, competition, collaboration and negotiation, conflict analysis, managing emotions, reconciliation, trust, and forgiveness, mediation, and consensus-building.

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Improving Access and Quality of Education for Returned IDP Children Affected by the Floods in Swat District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province, Pakistan
This project focused on ensuring the continuation of education by the affected children by constructing and rehabilitating schools, building capacity for teachers and Parent Teacher Councils (PTC), and using sports and activities to build leadership skills in the children.
Community Development, Pakistan, School Construction Rehabilitation, Teacher Professional Development, Sports
Revitalizing Education and Building Peace in Post Conflict and Flood Affected Swat Valley
This three-year initiative focused on implementing three priorities: restoring trust in government institutions, especially the education system; promoting social cohesion as a vehicle for peace-building; and applying Disaster Risk Reduction standards in school construction and educational programs.
Community Development, Pakistan, School Construction Rehabilitation, Teacher Professional Development
Environmental Education Initiative for Primary and Secondary Pupils in Syria

ROTA’s main focus in the Syria projects is to introduce formal and non-formal education in sustainable environmental behavior. The targeted populations of this program are students and teachers from primary, secondary, and universities, in the hopes of creating a joint awareness system to instill these morals and values towards the environment.

Syria, Teacher Professional Development, Environmental Education
Improving Quality of Education and Building Disaster Resilience in Schools
Enhancing knowledge in disaster risk reduction (DRR); Build capacity of teachers and students to improve teaching-learning environment and school governance; designing and promoting safe school standards through disaster prevention and mitigation initiatives; advocating for policy and governance reform in securing resources, budget monitoring, and safe school standards; enabling students from disadvantaged groups  with the opportunity to continue their secondary education through scholarships
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Reconstruction of Three Schools in Bayat Village, Klaten Region
In May 2006, an earthquake struck, ripping through Java killing 6,500 people and destroying homes and buildings, consequently affecting over one million people. The village of Bayat was one of the casualties of this disaster. With the beginning of the school year approaching, ROTA and its partners moved quickly to rebuild the kindergarten, primary and secondary school, while also providing make-shift structures for the interim period. The completed schools, build to earthquake resistant specifications, benefits over 1,000 students and also includes a hall for recreation activities, sporting grounds, and a library/community learning center, which won first prize as best library in the Klaten region.
Indonesia, School Construction Rehabilitation, Teacher Professional Development
Construction of a Vocational School in Bayat, Klaten Region - SMKN1 ROTA Bayat
ROTA and its local partner Titian Foundation have rebuilt the school buildings using earthquake resistant specifications. Additionally, a state-of-the-art vocational school, SMKN 1 ROTA Bayat School, has been constructed as a Center of Excellence for teaching ceramics and batik, the traditional technique where melted wax is used to draw on cloth and dyed in a variety of colors.
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Teacher Quality Improvement
According to a national teacher competence assessment, less than half of Indonesian teachers fulfill the basic requirements for teacher quality. With the support of Vodafone Qatar, ROTA has developed a four-year Teacher Quality Improvement (TQI) program to enhance the classroom skills of teachers across the region.  So far ninety teachers from Yogyakarta and Klaten district have completed the TQI Program. 
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