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Scholarship Programs

Enable students from disadvantaged groups, with a focus on girls, with the opportunity to continue their secondary education through scholarships

Youth Development, Nepal
Expanding Educational and Livelihood Resources in the Terai, with a specific focus on ICT and Youth

n partnership with Bill and Malinda Gates Foundation, ROTA through this project intends to expand education and Livelihood resources for communities in general and for youth in particular in 4 districts of Nepal. With special focus on ICT skills, the project aims to establish and upgrade 11 community centers which will create educational, social and economic opportunities for communities through community engagement. The project also aims to develop leadership skills among youth and prepare them for potential economic and social challenges.

Youth Development, ICT for Education, Nepal
Move 4 New Horizon

In June 2012, ROTA began supporting the second phase of the Move 4 New Horizons (M4NH II) project being implemented by Swiss Academy for Development (SAD) in Nepal. The ROTA co-funded project M4NH II is a follow-up to M4NH phase I, the award winning sport and play based concept. 

Community Development, Nepal
Peer Education in Disaster Risk Reduction

Nepal is one of the most geographically and culturally diverse countries in Asia.  Becoming a republic in 2006, the country has made considerable progress over the last few years towards reducing poverty; however, it is still one of the poorest countries in the region. ROTA worked in close cooperation with its partner, Mercy Corps, to incorporate disaster risk resilient features in schools, raise disaster preparedness awareness amongst children, and implement school-based disaster risk reduction activities.

Youth Development, Nepal
Generation Amazing: Youth Development through Football in Nepal
Increasing opportunities for disadvantaged youth in Nepal to participate in football by improving access to facilities and training; harnessing the power of football to mobilize, educate, and address critical social issues by implementing awareness-raising activities in conjunction with football programming
Community Development, Nepal, Non-Formal Education, Sports
Improving Quality of Education and Building Disaster Resilience in Schools
Enhancing knowledge in disaster risk reduction (DRR); Build capacity of teachers and students to improve teaching-learning environment and school governance; designing and promoting safe school standards through disaster prevention and mitigation initiatives; advocating for policy and governance reform in securing resources, budget monitoring, and safe school standards; enabling students from disadvantaged groups  with the opportunity to continue their secondary education through scholarships
Community Development, Nepal, School Construction Rehabilitation, Teacher Professional Development