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Volunteers Program

As one of our guiding principles, we believe strongly in volunteerism and base our overarching goals on its foundation.  Investing in the strengths and knowledge of the various communities in Qatar, the ROTA Volunteers Program aims to indoctrinate the spirit of volunteerism and encourage involvement in community development both in and outside Qatar

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ROTA Adult English Literacy Program
The ROTA Adult English Literacy Program, first developed in 2009, to teach English to low-skilled migrant workers in Qatar. The program trains volunteers, mainly students, to become Literacy Trainers, who go on to deliver a 16-week English Literacy course to low-skilled migrant workers using ROTA’s custom-designed English Literacy curriculum.
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Youth Development

Inspired by The Heir Apparent H. H. Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani's call for strong and active organizations to work on developing active and involved Qatari society, ROTA’s community development strategy supports the establishment of a secure and stable society operating on the principles of justice and equality.

Qatar, Youth Development, Community Development, Service Learning
Beirut19 Writing Competition

The Beirut19 writing competition offered the opportunity for young Arabs who reside in Qatar to participate in a writing competition involving Arab youth from 11 countries. The Beirut19 philosophy was inspired by Beirut39 which aims to encourage debating of important issues between young Arab writers, as well as to allow them to share and cultivate their writing talents.

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The International Education and Resource Network (iEARN) is a non-profit organization that connects schools and youth organizations worldwide via a virtual network to empower young people, encourage inter-scholastic collaboration, and debate world issues in real time.  iEARN-Qatar started in March 2008 as a pilot program

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